The Saturn Cafe Story

The Saturn Cafe provides a vegetarian cuisine that is as out of this world as our retro space design, proudly serving the Bay Area of California, in Santa Cruz and in Berkeley. Our commitment to great food shines through our 100% vegetarian menu, including many vegan options and a new extensive gluten free menu. Dedication to serving people in and out of our diners leads us to carefully source most of our ingredients from organic and local farms, informs our progressive business practices, and compels our vocal political stance.

Bay Area Vegetarian Restaurants

When the Saturn Cafe first opened its doors in 1979, we had a vision that looked beyond creating delicious vegetarian comfort food. We were determined to be the type of business that made people proud, to do the right thing and make the world a better place. And throughout every move since that first house on Mission Street in Santa Cruz, we have stayed true to those core beliefs.