Mouth-Watering Meatless Mondays and the Movement

How you can eat plant-based meals once a week and we can all reap the benefits

Saturn Cafe has always celebrated Meatless Mondays, but we aren’t alone in our tradition. In fact, the concept of eating no meat one day …

Cheers to Being Green: Helping the Planet in 2015

Simple ways to honor our planet on Earth Day by being a little more green.

This April marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, a day that began as a campaign for a healthy, sustainable environment and has lead to …

Saturn Stories: Talking to the Team Part 2

From food to friends, here’s more straight from the Saturn staff themselves.

Fun on the Job

The best jobs are where work meets play…

“We always had fun, and got to do crazy things you don’t get to do at …

Saturn Stories: Talking to the Team Part 1

Saturn Cafe has a rich history as a place for the community to gather, enjoy great food, and feel at home. The people who make the vibrant atmosphere possible have always been a huge part of that mission. So we …

A Vendor Story: Lev’s Original Kombucha

Saturn Cafe chooses its food and beverage suppliers very carefully. We look for interesting people and companies who are committed to values like our own. Sourcing from local businesses, our partners are often organic, Non-GMO, sustainable, wholly vegan or vegetarian, …

Valentine’s Day and the Art of Vegan Dating

Valentine’s Day and the Art of Vegan Dating

*Finding and romancing your vegan date this Valentine’s Day*

Tips and tricks for a night of meatless romance with your Veggieheart.

What Kind of Vegan Date Are You?
What eating style turns …



—Neither reductive nor encompassing, Alex Roncal’s oft used hashtag does nicely convey the overarching motivation that guides efforts to build her business of handmade, sewn goods, Delaney and John. Both of Alex’s children, middle names Delaney and John, were …

Faux Show: Exploring Saturn Cafe’s Meatless Meats

Take a look at the secrets behind Saturn’s plant-based meals.

You asked, so we’re going to answer: What exactly is “chicken”?

Burger Breakdown

Choosing a meatless meal leaves behind all limitations on content and flavor, allowing you to customize a …