Valentine’s Day and the Art of Vegan Dating

Valentine’s Day and the Art of Vegan Dating

*Finding and romancing your vegan date this Valentine’s Day*

Tips and tricks for a night of meatless romance with your Veggieheart.

What Kind of Vegan Date Are You?
What eating style turns …



—Neither reductive nor encompassing, Alex Roncal’s oft used hashtag does nicely convey the overarching motivation that guides efforts to build her business of handmade, sewn goods, Delaney and John. Both of Alex’s children, middle names Delaney and John, were …

Faux Show: Exploring Saturn Cafe’s Meatless Meats

Take a look at the secrets behind Saturn’s plant-based meals.

You asked, so we’re going to answer: What exactly is “chicken”?

Burger Breakdown

Choosing a meatless meal leaves behind all limitations on content and flavor, allowing you to customize a …

Saturn’s Secret Menu

Hello fellow robots and aliens! My name is Paul Stark, an employee at Saturn Cafe at our Santa Cruz location. By way of introduction, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve worked at Saturn now for …

Cesar Chavez, Vegetarian & Humanitarian

We think of Cesar Chavez and his life with a sense of awe. His effect is all around us whether in the Chicano community or in the lives of farm workers. Chavez had roots in the Bay Area, working as …

Welcome to the Saturn Cafe Blog!

We have finally decided to launch the Saturn Cafe blog!  We think of our blog as a natural extension of the Saturn Cafe community, and we would love to hear what you think. We hope you will have as much …