11 Ultimate Vegan and Cruelty-Free Gifts for the Holidays

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The art of gift giving requires great skill and a whole lot of work. But this year, Saturn Cafe wants to help you find the perfect cruelty-free present for each loved one–or tolerated one–on your list!

Are you starting your holiday shopping determined to support companies whose products and values you can get behind? Or maybe you are searching for something that a vegan friend or family member will love too?

Here are some of our favorite new and old gifts that will thrill vegans and omnivores alike, and will let you know your money is being mindfully and responsibly spent.


    Image of Vegan Chocolate Fudge
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  1. 1. Melissa McCarthy Seven7: Our favorite comedian debuted her women’s clothing line just in time for all those fun winter parties you can’t wait to attend. Find unique pieces that celebrate all body types, each one PETA approved, for all the sharp dressed ladies in your life.

  3. 2. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate: Delivering decadence without cruelty, these vegan chocolatiers offer a wide variety of incredible flavors and gift options. Great for stocking stuffers, the fourth night of Hanukkah, your favorite boss, or any devoted chocolate lover.



  5. 3. Veggie Inspired Cookbooks: For the mindful eater who wants to start the new year by expanding their plant-based horizons, this year has revealed several promising additions to the vegan and vegetarian kitchen.


  7. 4. Wills Vegan Shoes: This UK based company brings animal friendly shoes to the humans who love ultimate style without sacrifice. Plus, free shipping and exchanges for a year!

  9. 5. Matt & Nat Handbags: Nothing takes the class out of a purse quite like knowing an animal had to die for it. Give the gift of guilt-free style with one of the beautiful accessories from Matt & Nat.

  11. 6. Conflict Free Diamonds: Watch your sweetheart reveal the sparkle of a diamond without worrying about the true cost of sourcing it. Brilliant Earth goes beyond ethical sourcing in bringing the quintessential gift of love to your Christmas.


    Image of Vegan Cuts Beauty Box
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  13. 7.Subscription Box:From the athlete to the fashionista, this is the gift that keeps on giving all throughout the year, with Vegan Cuts subscription boxes that are 100% cruelty free and 100% awesome. There are dozens of themes to choose from, and really, who doesn’t love to get mail!

  15. 8. Cruelty-Free Beauty: For anyone who needs proof they can be bunny approved without losing out on the fun of makeup, here are a few guiltless glamour kits that enhance both inner and outer beauty.


  17. 9. Children’s Storybooks Looking for books your little one can unwrap on Christmas morning? Here are some of our favorite vegetarian friendly tales that give kids a fun story to remember as they learn the reasons behind family choices, or begin to make their own.



  19. 10. Saturn Gift Cards: This thoughtful gift is great for anyone on your list, and includes delectable plant-based cuisine, with mouthwatering milkshakes, delectable dinners, bountiful brunch, and more. But most importantly, it’s an offering of quality time, spent with you or someone else they love.

  21. 11. For the Hostess: Need some go to gifts that won’t end up beneath the tree? While any of the above presents would work for your happy hosts over the holidays, here are some we’ve cherry-picked to earn you extra good guest points.

    • * Offer to provide breakfast, and wait cozily for Cinnaholic’s freshly made cinnamon rolls to be delivered straight to the door.
    • * Not all wine is vegan, so find out which of your favorites can become the quintessential token of appreciation.
    • * Pre-order a dozen of our oh-so-delicious vegan cupcakes, with special flavors just for the holidays, and you’ll get the most enthusiastic welcome of all!


    This holiday season, you can support companies and people who choose a more peaceful approach to food, apparel, and life in general. Celebrate your personal commitment to plant-based, cruelty-free living and share that joy with everyone you love!

    Happy, Happy Holidays from Saturn Cafe!