5 Thanksgiving Day Dilemmas Solved By Saturn’s Big Food Day Catering Menu



Big Food Day Done Saturn’s Way!!!

Starting October 10, 2016, Saturn will be taking orders for Thanksgiving! that’s right, you heard correctly Big Food Day done Saturn’s Way! We have crafted a special vegan menu featuring many of our beloved signature dishes (and a few new creations). Customize the perfect plant-based menu for a big family, a small group of friends, or just add on a few of your favorites to enjoy Saturn flavors on your holiday table. 




#1 Surprise Vegan

Image of Baked Mac & CheeseYou’re hosting the big family meal with all its traditional family recipes you have enjoyed together for decades. Then your brother calls to casually mention that his partner is a vegan, and won’t you make sure that there is enough for them to eat? If you don’t know how to feed a herbivore on Thanksgiving, or maybe even at any other time of year, never fear! We’ve got lots of delicious options to make your surprise guest feel right at home.


#2 Vegan in Carnivore Territory

You are headed to a Big Food Day event where you know you’ll be the only vegan. While you love spending time with the people close to you, you’re not looking forward to tables of food filled with the usual suspects. Saturn has you covered, crafting a seven-course feast just for you. We can’t help it if everyone else starts eyeing it too…


#3 Dinner For a Few

Image of Vegan "Meatloaf"It’s just you and a few close friends, or maybe just you and your partner, an intimate day full of gratitude. If you can think of even one thing you’d rather be doing together besides spending too much time in the kitchen, then let us do the cooking!  If you are like us then you LOVE leftovers, order as much or as little as you like, we can customize the perfect menu to fit your specific needs.


#4 The Missing Pie

You have everything planned for the big day, yet the perfect gluten free pie is still eluding you. That’s where we come in… Saturn can help you complete your dessert table with one of our admittedly amazing gluten free and organic pies, so that none of your guests feel left out of what we consider to be the most important part of the meal, dessert!!


#5 First Timer

You’ve made it through your first few months of a life sans meat without feeling too hungry but you are now approaching the big leagues. Thanksgiving can be one of the most daunting times for vegetarians and vegans. Don’t worry we have all your comfort food cravings covered. We promise you won’t walk away from the table feeling deprived. No matter what is on your table this holiday, we all know the most important thing is who is around it. We are honored to play a small part in your celebration.



Here’s another sneak peek for you to look forward to: in 2017, Saturn will be launching its newest endeavor: a catering service that brings our classic vegetarian and vegan comfort food… to you!!!! Stay tuned for more details.