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Girl Scouts Billboard


How much do you really know about the Girl Scouts?

An iconic organization that ushers girls of all ages through important milestones and teaches valuable life skills, the Girls Scouts of America have remained staunch advocates of young women. Every time you buy a box of cookies, you help girls learn five essential skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. But that’s not all they’ve been up to!



Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints & SamoasVegan Treats

With the variety of sweets that are out-of-bounds to the herbivores of the world, it’s super exciting to learn that more and more brands are changing their recipes or adding vegan options to their line. And since it’s practically impossible to resist those colorful, cheerful tables set up outside of grocery stores and around downtown, you’ll be happy to know that you no longer have to!

Over the last couple of years, Girl Scouts began experimenting with vegan cookie options, first trying out half of their Thin Mints as vegan, and last year, making all Thin Mints vegan! To add to the cause for celebration, check out these delectable vegan offerings!


  • Peanut Butter Patties:  Is there any better combination than chocolate and peanut butter? Remove all animal products and the answer is an emphatic no! But watch out, the look-alike cookie “Tagalongs” are not vegan.
  • Lemonades:  Plant-based and refreshingly light, feel great about eating these cookies.
  • Thanks-A-Lot:  Yes, Please! Thank you! You’re Welcome! All in one chocolatey bite.
  • Cranberry Citrus Crisps:  Zesty citrus cookies with yummy bits of fruit–and nobody gets hurt!



STEM in Scouting Sept. 12, 2015Leading the Way

This year, the Girl Scouts expanded their presence at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and featured an enhanced version of the Digital Cookie 2.0. After the success of the 2015 event, the Scouts wanted to “Give girls a unique opportunity to learn from top influencer’s,” and hoped the event would allow girls to explore the variety of career possibilities in STEM.



A Helping Hand

The Girl Scouts also partnered with the National Park Service to increase access to the outdoors, and have improved their own focus on outdoor experiences by adding its “Girls’ Choice” Outdoor Badge. Their research has shown that,

Girl Scouts are twice as likely as non-Girl Scouts to say they take action to protect the environment (51 percent versus 23 percent), and have had a personal experience in nature that has made them appreciate it more (49 percent versus 29 percent).”




Juliette Gordon Low's grave

Complete Inclusivity

Another Girl Scout newsworthy moment occurred last summer, when a donation of $100,000 was made by a patron who later required that the money not be used to support transgender girls. The Girl Scouts immediately returned the money, releasing a video with a statement:  

“Girl Scouts empowers every girl regardless of her gender identity, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation to make the world a better place. We won’t exclude ANY girl. Every girl deserves access to a safe, friendly environment where she can stand up for what she believes in and be proud of who she is.”

The video was used in an Indiegogo campaign to try and raise the financial support needed after the disappointing donation. Within two days, the campaign had received more than $250,000 and widespread support for their commitment to Inclusivity.  Then, just last week, the Girl Scouts were rebuked by the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis, who claimed that the organization held positions on issues that “conflicted with our Catholic values.”  Again, the Girl Scouts stood up, in a different way, to continue to include all girls. The spokeswoman said in a statement:

“As the preeminent leadership development organization for girls of every faith and background, we remain committed to building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.”

While not denying that Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan were role models, the group reminded, “Girl Scouts is a non-political, non-partisan organization.”


Wherever you come from, whichever cookie you choose, here’s to another fantastic season of celebrating an organization that cares in the most delicious way possible!



The Origin of the Thin Mint Milkshake

When Maya, one of our very own Girl Scout customers, was visiting Saturn Cafe in Berkeley, she had an idea. If only the award-winning Saturn Cafe milkshakes could be combined with her favorite Thin Mints. We loved her idea, and started brainstorming a recipe that would merge these two awesome treats into one.

Shortly after, the Thin Mint Milkshake was born, and it was by far our most successful flavor yet. We even got the chance to buy our first season’s stock from the Girl Scout who had that first big idea!

Now, one year later, we are thrilled to be enjoying our creamy-chocolate-minty dessert again, and have even had to find new Girl Scouts to purchase from, in Santa Cruz and in Berkeley.

Gotta love Girl Scout Cookie Season!!! So to celebrate, we got Angelique to share the secret of this delectable drink. Hi Angelique!