Making a Difference in 2017: 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care


Making a Difference in 2017: 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

We’ve been talking about ways to make a difference in the new post-apocalyptic-like world, from activism to building community. Now it has officially happened, Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. We know we must prepare to fight more fiercely than ever for the rights of every person in this country, and for the protections that we are all owed.

The harder we fight, the more important it is to take time away to rejuvenate, to decompress and consider our personal and global goals, and how they are working together to create a better world.

– “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” What scenes from your life remind you that there are things and people worth fighting for? Is it the community garden that showed true collaboration? A homeless encampment that no one sees? The beach nearby that is at risk due to climate change deniers? Go out with a camera and find what inspires you to do more.

Go see a play and participate in the mission of theaters like the New Conservatory Theater, which seeks to “champion innovative, high-quality productions & educational theatre experiences for youth, artists, and the queer & allied com

munities to effect personal & societal growth, enlightenment and change.”

– Add to your Meatless Monday–or everyday–tradition by
going vegan once a week. Already there? Invite a friend to join you, and offer to share your go-to plant-based recipes.

Make a photo wall with all those images that you haven’t gotten around to framing. No need to carefully hang and arrange, just get pictures of those you love, places where you thrive, and images or quotes that inspire you up where you can see them every day. 

– Enjoy an eco-friendly spa treatment for maximum relaxation and detoxification–physical and emotional.  



Think of one thing about 2016 that you would change (over which you had control, of course), then commit to making that difference happen in the new year. Let this be a very personal, freeing way of taking charge of your future by acknowledging your past.

– You don’t have to have your own acre of land to grow your own ingredients. Vertical gardens and herb windows are becoming more popular all the time, and you can brighten your kitchen while getting instant access to fresher ingredients.


– Find second-hand treasures that you’ve been needing by visiting a local flea market. As you browse, make sure you’re saying no to things that might end up back at those booths in a few years.

Visit a meditation center to improve your moment-by-moment awareness and reconnect with your innermost self.

– Finish a project that has been on your to-do list since 2016 or before by making it a priority in the very first few months of 2017. Complete and continue on.


Bonus: Treat yourself to a Saturn milkshake. What can we say, don’t we all need every bit of encouragement we can get to make it through these next years?


When you feel like you just can’t anymore, go and focus on self-care, so that you can come back to fight again, stronger than ever.


How do you incorporate self-care into the hectic day-to-day? We would love to hear your ideas!