Managing Your Mischief on All Hallows Eve


Saturn customers have a long tradition of loving Halloween, heck some of our regulars dress up regardless of the time of year (you know who you are).

So we’ve thrown together a list of tips & tricks to help make your spooky night just a little better.

Trick-Or-Treating & Ghoulish Goodies

Discounting the bizarre bacon-flavored candies (what’s that about?) vegetarians don’t have to worry much about the candy we eat–unless you can think of any reasons we shouldn’t have all we want, hmmm?

But sorting through the loot may be a bit more challenging for vegans. To start, here’s PETA’s list of vegan Halloween candies, to use as a guide for the ultimate post-trick-or-treating treasure hunt. Let the games continue!

If you’re hosting a party for the costumed masses, even better! Creepy themed foods might just be the most fun to create. Start planning your own spooky vegetarian and vegan recipes for an eerie event that embraces the macabre. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Halloween Apple Bites

Edible Intestines

Bloody Cups

Eyeball Caprese

Peanut Butter Ghosts

Halloween Eyeball Punch

For a table full of goodies that are more wholesome than harrowing, like tangerine pumpkins, candy corn fruit cups, or banana ghost pops, check out these healthy Halloween treats.

If, however, you find yourself hanging the last of the skeletons and mummifying your doorway until late in the night, let Saturn help out. You can preorder cupcakes by the dozen in any flavor you want! May we suggest the Pumpkin Chocolate or the ever crowd pleasing Mexican Chocolate? And, of course, they come already all dressed up for Halloween!

Pumpkin Cupcakes
Pumpkin Cupcakes

The Teal Pumpkin Project

Non-food items are a great way to add variety to your trick-or-treats and party favors. Trust us, you can make almost anything scary if you get a little creative. For adults, try mini hand sanitizer, “because germs are scary,” mummy mason jars, or witch hat pins.

Because vegetarians and vegans aren’t the only ones who may be concerned about what’s in the Halloween treats. Parents of kids who have allergies must be even more vigilant to ensure that nothing in the goody bags will send their child to the hospital. But sorting through the candy and examining labels can be even more exhausting than finding that perfect costume.

Teal Pumpkin Project - addressing food allergies
Teal Pumpkin Project – addressing food allergies

The Teal Pumpkin Project acknowledged the difficulty of food allergies for parents of kids who still wanted to take part in the timeless event of trick-or-treating. A teal painted pumpkin on a front porch became a symbol to other parents that the home was giving out non-food items, to avoid the issue of allergens altogether. This move means a lot not just to the kids who got to keep their loot after Halloween, but also to the parents, who knew that others were aware of their challenges and so had one less thing to worry about for their children.

Plus, what parent wouldn’t be relieved to have something to distract their kids from the overabundance of sugar they are receiving?  We say bring on the glittery stickers and super cool playdough action!

After the trick or treating and parties, stop by Saturn for more festivities! We’ll be waiting to compare costumes in downtown Santa Cruz, with our special late night menu, and in downtown Berkeley!