A Salute to Saturn Shakes: Award-Winning Signatures and Creative Concoctions


What would you say if we were to tell you that we knew–without a doubt–where you could get one of the best milkshakes in the country? And that place is right here in Santa Cruz and Berkeley?

That’s right, once again Saturn’s milkshakes have been recognized not just by our favorite locals and captivated visitors, but by milkshake connoisseurs around the country.


In honor of our exciting recognition, we’re here to salute one of the stars of Saturn: the milkshake.


And the Award Comes From…

Santa Cruz residents have been naming us the best place for a milkshake for years. Santacruz.com has even designated Saturn as “Milkshake Paradise,” for our simple yet magical formula.

But they’re not the only ones to take notice…

USA Today

In a recent travel story, USA Today counted Saturn’s milkshakes among America’s best milkshakes. Unlike most other well-known milkshake establishments, Saturn’s vegan milkshakes place us a ‘scoop’ above. And we know we’re not the only ones now adding “milkshake road trip” to our bucket list.  


Saturn hit the number one spot for milkshakes in Foursquare’s The 15 Best Places for Milkshakes in Santa Cruz for 2017. Sweet!

Best Things California

“Leave it to Berkeley to offer milkshakes of the vegan variety,” reads the review from this California-focused website. You can count on us, Greater Bay Area!


Even non-vegans, like the friendly reviewer from Chowhound, have called our vegan mint-chip milkshake the “standard by which all others should be judged.” We can’t disagree.

Serious Eats

The professional foodies at Serious Eats list Saturn as one of the Our 8 Favorite Milkshakes in the Bay Area. There you have it, straight from the experts.


Top Ten Signature Saturn Milkshakes

Here’s to the top ten most requested signature Saturn milkshakes:



1. Dutch Chocolate – Because nobody does the perfect blend of rich chocolate in milkshake creaminess like we do.

2. Mint-Chip – Fresh burst of sweetness with enough chocolate shavings to keep you happy.

3. Vanilla Bean – For the purists looking for all the mouth-watering flavor one milkshake can hold.

4. Turkish Coffee – Espresso bold and milkshake sweet, it’s the best jolt you’ll ever taste.

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter – A decadence we crafted just to give you something to dream about when you’re away.

6. Vanilla Berry – Could a dessert possibly say summer any more deliciously?

7. Thin Mint Shakes – Girl Scout Cookies + ice cream. Need we say more?

8. Coffee Vanilla Swirl – It’s an after-dinner coffee and dessert all-in-one–if you can handle it.

9. Banana Berry – Bursting fruit mingling in the creamiest dessert drink you can imagine.

10. Pumpkin – Autumn cannot begin until we’ve enjoyed this all-time favorite. Our countdown has already begun!


If you made it through that list without a craving or three and a little bit of drool (hey, we can’t judge) we challenge you to keep your mouth from watering as you see what milkshake madness your fellow aficionados have dreamt up!


Top Ten Wildest Requests of All Time!

We love a good mix-in to create a unique milkshake that’s all your own, but these inventive milkshake requests are truly inspired.

1. Birthday Cake Shake
Vanilla Bean shake with an added slice of Saturn’s Chocolate Cake
2. Minty Madness Shake
Mint-chip shake, add brownie, hot fudge and nuts
3. Orange Creamsicle
Vanilla Bean shake, substitute orange juice for milk
4. Pie ala Mode shake
Vanilla Bean shake with an added slice of organic fruit pie
5. Margarita Milkshake
Vanilla ice cream blended with a Mason Jar Margarita
6. Vino Shake
Dutch Chocolate shake, substitute red wine for milk
7. PB&J Shake
Vanilla Bean shake, add in peanut butter and fresh strawberries
8. Chocolate Porter Shake
Dutch Chocolate shake, substitute Chocolate Porter for milk
9. Fudgy Pumpkin Shake
Pumpkin ice cream with hot fudge swirls
10. Pink Lemonade Shake
Strawberry Shake, substitute lemonade for milkTrue genius was at work here, that’s clear.

Our fantastic–and often creative–milkshakes keep our beloved customers coming back to enjoy more. And we’re always working on your behalf to give you only the finest ice cream, with the greatest care in customer service, and an ever-constant search for ways to make the planet green again.

Thank you for celebrating another great year of milkshakes with us!