A Vendor Story: McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream



A Vendor Story: McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream

mcconnells ice cream - toasted coconut almond chip 3Saturn Cafe chooses our food and beverage suppliers very carefully. We look for interesting people and companies who are committed to values like our own. Sourcing from local businesses whenever possible, our partners are often organic, Non-GMO, sustainable, wholly vegan or vegetarian, and always committed in some way to making a difference in the world.

In the case of McConnell’s, we were lucky that the best ice cream around was made by a company that also cared.

Ice cream is as crucial to a good diner as the vinyl benches and mouth-watering burgers, and there is no better remedy for the heat of this summer than a creamy, frozen treat, in scoop, sundae, or milkshake form. How you enjoy it is all up to you, but it was up to us to find an ice cream company that did its best to be sustainable, was invested in the very highest quality of ingredients, and heralded from one of our local communities.

About the Company

California-based McConnell’s believes strongly in its ability to “Save the World. One Scoop at a time.” And since its birth in 1949, it seems to have spent time doing just that by making all-natural ice cream using only four ingredients for their base: grass fed milk and cream, organic egg yolks, and pure cane sugar.

“For McC’s, it’s not about saving the world, one locally-sourced boysenberry at a time.

It’s about churning out the most glorious ice creams imaginable, in the most conscious way possible, while paying forward our unique legacy.”

Deeply invested in our shared home of the Golden State, McConnell’s and their employees take pride in supporting our environment. They are connected to 1% For The Planet, an organization that encourages businesses to donate 1% of their sales to environmental organizations.

They are also active promoters of literacy, education, and service. One of their partners is Milk + Bookies, a non-profit organization that exposes young children to the joy of giving back plus the love of a good book.

Their laidback, beach-ready attitude also jives well with the vibe of the Saturn Cafe, and their company truly seems to achieve their goal of leaving the world a little sweeter than when they found it–both in their scoops and outside.

About the Ice Cream

Sometimes there are just foods and flavors that you fall instantly in love with. McConnell’s ice cream won us over at first lick, bite, and slurp. You know, because we had to try each flavor in scoop, sundae, and milkshake form–just to be sure.

And it’s no wonder the ice cream is amazing, with all the hard work and heart McConnell’s puts into it.

Their cows graze in pastures all along the Central-Coast of California for the richest grass-grazed milk & cream. While other companies buy the base for their ice cream and just add ingredients, their ice cream base is crafted at the Old Dairy creamery, first built in 1949, where they pasteurize and age that raw milk, then craft each small batch of ice cream completely from scratch.

Everything that goes into making the flavors pop, jams, preserves, caramels, and chocolates as well as organic fruits, nuts, crumbles, crisps, and more, are made in-house in our bake room. Their partners are local, sustainable, organic artisans, farmers, and purveyors, who work together to create genuine, authentic, fine ice creams.

Partnering With McConnell’s

This month, we can’t get enough of our featured flavor from McConnell’s: Coconut Cream. It really doesn’t get much more rich AND refreshing than this.

Sweet CreamMcConnell’s has partnered with Saturn to bring our customers ice cream that we are proud to serve in flavors that we can hardly believe exist.

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And for those who wait all year for the experience of McConnell’s Pumpkin Pie ice cream (you know who you are), only 3 more months until fall!