Welcome to the Saturn Cafe Blog!


We have finally decided to launch the Saturn Cafe blog!  We think of our blog as a natural extension of the Saturn Cafe community, and we would love to hear what you think. We hope you will have as much fun reading our random thoughts as we have had thinking them up. Our topics will be inspired by all things that are close to our heart and motivate us to keep working towards a world we believe is possible.

What should you expect? Food, politics, music, more food and, of course, art will all be on the menu!

Saturn Cafe is now 35 years old (can you believe it?). We opened in Santa Cruz, California in 1979, the year bell-bottoms went out of style (the first time). Since then, we have served a committed following for generations that have become like a second family to us. It has been such a rewarding experience to see our loyal Saturn customers from the 80’s return on family trips to Santa Cruz and bring their kids in for their very first Saturn meal.

To add to that, we have enjoyed watching the incredible accomplishments of the many talented staff members who have moved on to start their own businesses, finish graduate school, write novels, become awesome chefs, and create very cool kids of their own. These are just a few of the joys we have felt since we opened the doors of Saturn Cafe 35 years ago.

Without our amazing customers and talented staff, we couldn’t have stayed open (or had so much fun) over the first 35 years, and we hope you are ready for the next 35! Thank you so much!