What is the Tofurky Trot?


tofurky-trotThe original Turkey Trot began as a way to raise money for charity while getting people out and about and moving on one of the biggest eating days of the year. Who wouldn’t want to get exercise out of the way early so you can focus on all that delicious food?

But members of the veggie brand Tofurky felt ill at ease, as many vegetarians may have over the years of participating in family events that seemed to revolve around eating meat.

“When seen through vegetarian eyes, the images from these Turkey Trot events give one pause. There seems to be a disconnect from the morning’s happy turkey costumes and the evening’s unhappy turkey that is on the table,”

The Origin Story

In 2012, Tofurky turned the “turkey trot” into the “tofurky trot” as seamlessly as they transformed our assumptions of what meatless meat could taste like, setting out to hold an event that was truly veg-friendly. “We gathered 55 people at the last minute and ran our own 5k race in the crisp fall air. We passed the hat and collected a couple hundred dollars for a local vegan food bank.”

And from there on it just got bigger and better.

Joining in the Fun

Since 2014, the Tofurky Trot expanded to large and small events held around the country, appealing to vegetarians and omnivores alike for the camaraderie and the calorie-burning. This year there are several options for you to get in on the fun!

  • Pasadena, CA – Join our Tofurky Trot at the Rose Bowl Stadium on Thanksgiving Day, along with special guests Jackson Galaxy, TV Host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” and Jory Rand, anchor with KABC 7.

You’ll be running to support awesome causes like The Animal Museum, Bunny World Foundation, and Jackson Galaxy Foundation!

  • Portland, OR – Run in the city where it all began at a beautiful course in the heart of Portland, this time with doggie and people costume contests!

You’ll be running to support awesome causes like Northwest VEG, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary, Out to Pasture Sanctuary, Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Sanctuary One, and Green Acres Farm Sanctuary!

  • Self-Organized (Solo or Small Groups)Get your family off the couch and find a route in your own neighborhood to join in the festivities no matter where you live. Complete a full 5k or customize your own long walk to the coffee shop. The getting out there is the thing! Plus, you still get the “Chase Compassion” shirt and collaborative power of running with everyone else!

You’ll be running to support Farm Sanctuary!

  • Sponsor a CauseGather a group of 20 or more to benefit a charity of your own choosing! You pick the route, you select the non-profit, and they send the “Chase Compassion” shirts. You still get the good vibes of the widespread community of veggie runners!

Want to “trot” to support a nearby non-profit that is also working for “a compassionate and sustainable meat free world”? Tell Tofurky about it soon so that they can review and approve the cause for your own run!

We think it’s high time that the Bay Area had a Tofurky Trot of our own! Let’s plan to team up in 2017 Northern California event happen! Email, comment, or tweet at us if you want to be part of the trot, either participating or organizing!

For inspiration for this year or next, check out how these Tofurky Trotters made their own event.

Terrific Turkey Facts

The turkey can still be the star of the day—without being its casualty too. And there are a lot of cool reasons to like these birds for the feathered friends that they are.

  • Although turkeys aren’t big on flying, in the wild they do sleep in trees, often in entire flocks. When they wake up, they call out in soft yelps before descending to make sure that the rest of their group is okay after the night.  
  • Turkeys blush when agitated or excited. The exposed skin on their heads turns from the usual pale pink or bluish gray to red, white, or blue. The fleshy flap of skin that hangs over the gobbler’s beak, called a snood, also turns bright red when the bird is excited.
  • Wild turkeys form strong bonds with their family and flock mates, traveling together in groups with as many as 200 birds or more.

The Tofurky Trot is a great way to support awesome non-profit groups, burn off calories before relishing more, and join in with thousands of like-minded people around the country in running with purpose.

Will we see you out and about on Thanksgiving morning, in LA, Portland, or the streets of your own city? Give a shout out!

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