Why Saturn Cafe Stands With Planned Parenthood


The values of Saturn Cafe have always been centered on matters of social justice and rooted in our determination to stand up for the rights of the people. Sometimes, particular events arise that are important enough, decisions that are crucial enough, that we must speak out on these issues that have always mattered to us most.

We know that Planned Parenthood does so much for women’s—and men’s—health, but what they are truly being targeted for—and demonized for—is the fact that they provide abortions.

When the epic Roe v. Wade case led the Supreme Court to legalize abortion, those who celebrated the freedom then surely did not expect that they would still be fighting for it today, more than 40 years later. How long will we constantly have to defend that ruling? How long before it is as irreversible as a woman’s right to vote, or any other issue that has been fought and won over the centuries? Because that is what this attack on Planned Parenthood truly is: an attack on women’s right to have a choice.

  1. The Impact of “Defunding” Planned Parenthood

In response to misleading and altered videos, Planned Parenthood faces, yet again, an attempt to remove federal funding for the many essential health services that they have long provided to people of many different socioeconomic statuses.

It’s important to remember throughout this process that many already do not have sufficient access to resources and healthcare, much less full realization of true ability to choose. Where present, Planned Parenthood has made actual choice a reality for people in every income bracket. Removing funding not only reduces options, it further widens the already gaping hole that is the insufficient health care of US citizens.

Although California continues to follow a progressive path when it comes to abortion, many U.S. states do not offer the same opportunities. From the various bans on abortions after 20 weeks, to the more than 87% of US counties who do not even have access to an abortion provider, true choice is already unavailable to the majority of women. And while the answer for many must be to travel outside of their state or county, that is, again, an option only possible if the woman has the necessary privilege and resources.

  1. Hear the Voices

So many have added their voices in standing with Planned Parenthood. And from this diverse outcry we hear some of the most compelling stories and perspectives. It is here that we are reminded that:

● An attack on Planned Parenthood is an attack on women’s access to healthcare
● People in lower economic brackets are most at risk of losing
● Planned Parenthood is an experienced, open advocate for choice
● Abortion can be a difficult and deeply personal decision
● The war on women is a driver of this threat

  1. The Politics of Saturn Cafe

Saturn Cafe was born with a deep commitment to social and environmental justice, during an era when the political climate was going through incredible change. From the very beginning we have been anti-war, pro-equality, pro-choice, and in favor of raising the minimum wage and improving working standards. This is why now, more than ever before, Saturn stands with Planned Parenthood.

Because attacking a company for providing needed, legal services is wrong.

Because shaming a woman for making whatever choice is right–that is necessary for her and her family–is wrong.

Because applying the anti-choice agenda of a few to the way healthcare is offered to the many is wrong.

Now is the time for each of us to stand with what we believe. When we vote in upcoming elections, when we donate our money, when we connect with our political representatives, it is crucial that your voice be heard, too. Because it is only by electing those who will stand up with us for our hard-won rights that we may hope to keep them for current and coming generations of women.

Our brand is built on more than its core involvement in food justice, more than its support of agricultural and production issues, and goes beyond advocating for healthful, environmentally responsible eating habits. People will always be at the center of our mission. And, now, the rights of the people are again being threatened.